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People once thought of chiropractors only when they had back or neck pain, but now health care research deems chiropractic care as a profoundly effective means for creating a body in balance, both physically and mentally!


At An Evolution in Chiropractic, we strongly believe that people in balance are more relaxed, sleep better, look younger and are generally healthier. They also have better posture which feels and looks good and allows the free flow of the body’s innate intelligence to promote self-healing and maintain thriving health at any age. People in balance do more because they are more likely to be free of pain and limitation.


When we experience trauma (whether physical, mental or chemical) our natural ability to maintain our health can be compromised as these interferences stress the body and create misalignments of the spine. At An Evolution in Chiropractic we can specifically identify where these misalignments are and how to best correct them to restore ease and balance by implementing simple pain free testing.


Expert chiropractic care gently frees the body from a range of symptoms resulting from interferences including structural problems, pain, stiffness, headache, dizziness, hormonal imbalances, and other common yet debilitating conditions that might interrupt nervous system function. Your entire body is impacted by the nervous system from wiggling your fingers to regulating blood pressure, digestion, stress, mood, and even the way you breathe. So it’s critically important to keep your nervous system happy!


Keep in mind that a vast majority of people have some sort of spinal misalignment and/or posture distortion by the time they reach adulthood. Causes include:

  • Auto Accident Evaluations
  • Neck and Back Adjustments
  • Headaches and Migraines

Regardless of the cause, the bottom line is to gently restore balance, eliminate wear and tear on the body, become free of pain, healthy and resilient so you can enjoy everything and everyone in your life fully and happily now and for many years to come!


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My Hero, Dr. MO
I have a history of running for over 30 years including many marathons starting at age 40 and not paying attention to managing pain or injuries. Over the years I have worked with other Chiropractors and other types of medical doctors, PT and more but never consistent care. I have found a miracle in a short period of time with Dr. MO!! My neck pain, sciatica and lower back feel much better. Together we are working on my overall body including knees, feet, and not just my sciatica area as in the past. He has given my “tips” for better results each time I see him that I didn’t know about or never had anyone take the time to listen to me. I am encouraged about long lasting results and being able to continue my running, biking, and other activities according to my timeline – forever. I’m hooked!!!!!!!!
Thank you,

Theresa B


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